Yoga and Pilates - In the Spirit of Health and Happiness

Natalya is a Canadian Yoga and Pilates Instructor, aspiring writer, former professional contemporary ballerina and long time yoga practitioner.

Natalya specializes in teaching people from a vast array of backgrounds including athletes with sport specific goals, helping others moderate special conditions like Fibromialgia or hip replacements. She successfully teaches clients how to safely cope with injuries and accelerate their healing process. Natalya has worked with many Mothers in both pre and post natal, not to mention those simply seeking to find fitness, health and happiness.
Natalya believes in offering a sophisticated personal touch to each student's experience of Yoga and Pilates creating a program that best suits individual needs and goals. Whether you are seeking a challenging Pilates workout to compliment your golf game or a holistic Yoga practice to soothe your hectic lifestyle you can expect the highest level of professionalism, care and integrity.
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